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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Free CMS Scripts

AvArcade This is the best FREE CMS Script for an arcade site that I've encountered so far. It has everything, rating, comments, easy adding of games feature and it can be optimized for SEO very easily. There is a forum full of helpful and decent members, so you are not left on your own. :)

PHPDirector is by far the only cms script of its kind, that I've been able to find. It's main use is adding youtube, google videos and dailymotion videos(some others can be supported with some modifications). This script is primarily made for users submitting their own video clips into the pre-made categories. The site has a nice forum also where you can ask your questions, contribute or just hang out :)

PHP-Fusion is very similar to PHP Director, but with much much more capabilities. This is the best youtube clone, free script that I've found. It is pretty hard to install, needs a lot of codecs and stuff preinstalled on the server(dedicated recommended). But there are some folks there who offer their services of installing it for you for some small tip :) Also there some mods flying around through their forum, like for example offering users a oppurtunity to put a link from a youtube video and have that same video transfered to their account instantly. Mods are not free, but they don't cost much either. This one has by far the best support of the three.

Look out for some more reviews about free cms scripts.


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